A bizarre 3-fingered mummified hand found in the Peruvian desert tunnel

A bizarre 3-fingered mummified hand found in the Peruvian desert tunnel

A bizarre 3-fingered mummified hand found in the Peruvian desert tunnel

In a Peruvian tunnel in the desert, a mummified three-fingered hand with 8-inch fingers was found. While the first inspection may lead to the conclusion that it is nothing more than an imaginative man-made creation, a physician examination in Cusco, Peru, revealed that it consists of skin and bone, with six bones in each finger.

The bizarre-looking hand was allegedly presented to Peruvian researcher Brien Foerster, who operates Hidden Inca Tours, along with a small elongated mummified skull and a tiny mummified body.

The local person who has owns the items told Foerster that they were found in the southern desert of Peru in a tunnel in January 2016.

A large stone door closed the tunnel and inside there were two sarcophagi which contained the parts of the body that had been covered in clay. He said he didn’t want the mummified body parts to be sold, but he also wanted to know who they were and who or what they may have belonged to.

In Cusco, Peru, Brien Foerster took the hand and skull to physicians, who did not want to be identified. The hand was x-rayed and found six bones in each palm, while three bones are in a regular human hand.

The examination revealed that the mummified hand is made up of bone and skin, suggesting that it is not a fake (unless it was somehow made using real bones, flesh and skin).

Top: X-ray of the 3-fingered hand, showing 6 bones in each finger, Bottom: X-ray of a human hand, showing 3 bones in each finger. 

An animal with 3 fingers or toes is known as a tridactyl, and most tridactyls are reptiles or birds, although there are some exceptions, for example, the rhinoceros. 

The mummified hand found in Peru clearly does not belong to any of these categories as the fingers have nails like humans or primates. 

All primates have five fingers and toes, except for the small spider monkey, which has four. Therefore, the hand is an anomaly, appearing neither human nor animal. Indeed, the physicians that examined the hand told Foerster that it was not human, but that it belonged to “a life form of some kind”.

A close up of the finger reveals a nail that looks either human or primate.

The mummified hand was allegedly found in a sarcophagus, along with an infant-sized elongated skull, and a tiny mummified body, which also did not appear to be human.

These artefacts are shown in the video below. Those who have examined the objects have concluded that they are either extra-terrestrial, and belonging to several different species, or that they belong to ancient human-like species.

Could there be another explanation?  The only logical alternative to the above explanation is that it is an elaborate hoax and that someone has invested a great amount of time and effort into constructing the body parts using organic material.

It is highly unlikely that all three artefacts are mutations of known species. However, Foerster has said that the team now plan to conduct radiocarbon and DNA testing in the USA later this year. So perhaps that will provide some answers to the puzzle.

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