250 million year old microchip found in Russia?

250 million year old microchip found in Russia?

250 million year old microchip found in Russia?

In Labinsk, Russia, researchers have made another amazing discovery. According to professors, this discovery marks the beginning of a totally new history, about which many ancient alien theorists talked for years.

The item that researchers have discovered is believed to be some kind of ancient microchip and this ancient microchip dates back millions of years, according to researchers.

After countless tests, researchers concluded that this antique piece was used in ancient times as a kind of microchip.

The question is its age, which is believed to be between 225 and 250 million years old according to studies.

Some researchers believe that the date of the artifact is not completely correct, because it is not possible to date rock, and the tests were based on traces of organic material found around the mystery “chip”.

The million dollar question is, who and what used a microchip that dates back 250 million years? Is there a possibility that this is in fact the remains of ancient technology? Technology that belonged to a highly advanced civilization that inhabited Earth millions of years ago? Or is there a possibility that this artifact did not originate from Earth, but on another planet, belonging to an extraterrestrial race.

Better yet, what makes Russia so unique that numerous artifacts, like the one we see here, have been discovered over the years.

This “ancient microchip” was discovered in the Krasnodar region, and ufologists have already tagged this discovery as a fragment of technology previously unknown to science.

Like many other discoveries, this remarkable artefact was found by chance by a local fisherman by the name of Viktor Morozov who donated his curious finding to scholars from the University of Southern Polytechnic Nowoczerkaskiej who performed several tests and concluded that embedded into the rock, is a strange “device” which strangely resembles modern-day microchips.

Researchers have not tried removing the alleged microchip from the rock in fear that the might damage it.

Geologists and researchers cannot explain the origin of this fantastic finding and there are numerous possibilities that explain what this object is. Extraterrestrial technology, evidence of sophisticated ancient societies, or just one of those strange rocks made by mother nature.

Some researchers point out that this might actually be part of a stem plant, such as lillies, skeptics have already “debunked” this finding suggesting that it is noting worth the while, just like many other discoveries which couldn’t be explained, so the best guess was… “its nothing important”, however, the origin of this artefact and many others also discovered in Russia have not been explained.

What do you believe this artifact is? Is it another rock, courtesy of mother nature? Or is this item, a microchip that belonged to an extraterrestrial race that visited Earth in the distant past?

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