Archaeologists Discovered A 6,000-Year-Old Alien Mask In Bulgaria

Archaeologists Discovered A 6,000-Year-Old Alien Mask In Bulgaria

Archaeologists Discovered A 6,000-Year-Old Alien Mask In Bulgaria

Thousands of people all agree that we don’t know everything there is to know about our world and the universe. We are talking about the ancient astronaut theory, which comes down to one thing: technology that has been misunderstood.

Even though the topic of aliens, especially contact with aliens and their presence on Earth, has often been laughed at and called pseudoscience, there are doctors, politicians, the military, and former NASA employees who believe that our knowledge came from aliens who visited Earth in the past.

Also, we have evidence that ancient technology existed in the past. The pyramids of Egypt or Machu Picchu could be proof that aliens have talked to people on Earth and shared their technology with less developed societies. Over the years, many artifacts have been found. The 6000-year-old alien mask from Bulgaria is the latest example of an old picture of a being from another planet.

6000-Year-old Alien mask A strange little prehistoric figure from the end of the 5th millennium BC has been found. It doesn’t have a mouth, but it has human and animal features and looks eerily like an alien. It was found in the Solnitsata settlement near the city of Provadia in Northeast Bulgaria.

The mask was found by an archaeological team led by Professor Vasily Nikolov, who said it looked like an alien in a spacesuit.

This strange mask from the Stone Age looks like an alien from a science fiction movie. Solnitsata, which is also known as “The Salt Pit,” is the oldest city in Europe.

Archaeologists say that the figure was made in the late Eneolithic era. In other words, it was made about 4000 BC. Experts have already said that it is one of the most interesting things found at the settlement during the most recent digs.

But if this mask didn’t look so interesting, it wouldn’t have gotten as much attention as it did. It’s clear from the pictures. The shape of the figure is almost always a triangle. The front of the alien mask is raised and sticks out, while the back is, in a way, pushed in. Both of the top corners of this strange ancient mask have short projections.

Experts say that these could be styled ears. There were also small holes in the ears. One idea is that a thread was put through the holes to hide the face.

But it is also thought that it was not a mask but a sun-worshipping figure or amulet that was worn on the chest. Archaeologists say that the artifact’s facial features were carved, and some parts were polished.

“The face has eyebrows, a slim nose, and elliptical eyes.” “The artifact is probably a sign of status that a person who deserves it would wear on their chest.”

The person who made the alien mask paid a lot of attention to the eyes, giving them a strange shape, making them big, and putting shiny vertical stripes underneath them.

Once again, we have found things that could tell us the truth about why we are here in the universe. Still, it’s too bad that we have to go back to the final explanations, which are just a reflection of what those ancient people thought about magic or spirituality. It looks like each of us will have to figure out what to think.

What do you think about the mask that makes you wonder? Is this new proof that ancient people went to space?

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