Mummified Pre-Inca Baby Found At Historic Tomb Complex In Peru

Mummified Pre-Inca Baby Found At Historic Tomb Complex In Peru

Mummified Pre-Inca Baby Found At Historic Tomb Complex In Peru

The pre-Inca baby was laid to rest more than 1,000 years ago on a barren Peruvian hillside.

It was among the dozens of well-preserved mummified skeletons found by archaeologists in the outskirts of the capital city of Lima.

This pre-Inca baby was found on a barren Peruvian hillside by archaeologist combing the site before a new road is constructed

According to National Geographic News, the discovery was made by experts hired by the Government to search the hillside for any remains prior to the building of a new road.

After three days into the project, the archaeologist found the cemetery.

Guillermo Cock, an archaeologist based in Lima, has reportedly said to the website: “By now we have over 40 [mummy bundles] and the number is increasing every day.”

‘Given the proximity to the city and the tradition of looting in the area, we are really surprised that this is mostly undisturbed, mostly intact, mostly unlooted.

‘Only a few bundles have suffered damage by human action.’

In total the team located around 26 tombs, containing both children and adults. 

The mummified skeleton has been preserved for more than 1,000 years outside Peru’s capital of Lima

The latest discovery was made close to Puruchuco-Huaquerones – the largest Inca cemetery ever excavated.

In the last 60 years researchers have examined just 10 per cent of the historic site.

So far they have uncovered 2,000 mummies, ceramics and hundreds of pieces of textile, silver, copper and gold.

The latest finds have been moved to a site museum before the local government move ahead with the building of the new highway.

Here archaeologist have been carefully examining the well-preserved remains.

As well as the baby, archaeologists also uncovered the well-preserved remains of a number of pre-Inca adult

In recent years thousands of mummies have been uncovered in Peru by archaeologists 

One of the most famous to ever be uncovered was  ‘Juanita the Ice Maiden’, a girl preserved in ice on a mountain. 

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