Giant Frozen Alien Discovered Near the top of Mount Adams

Giant Frozen Alien Discovered Near the top of Mount Adams

Giant Frozen Alien Discovered Near the top of Mount Adams

The mysterious alien and UFO phenomena surrounding Mount Adams is well known whereby The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting which occurred on June 24, 1947, was undoubtedly the most famous sighting so far.

Now, a group of 150 people who attended a recent ECETI Ranch conference on June 30, 2017, say that they witnessed something very strange near the top of Mount.

Over the next four days, it was photographed, the video was shot and after analyzing the images and video they concluded that it was some sort of door that opened near the top of Mount Adams.

Rumours of some type of ‘alien hangar’ door on Mt. Adams have been around for over a decade and it is said that it is an opening that leads to a hangar inside the mountain for UFOs to enter and depart.

Wondering if there really would be such an opening/hangar I (UFO Sightings Hotspot) checked Mount Adams via Google Earth and although I could not find the opening/hangar, may be covered by snow at the time they took the images, I found a giant frozen body in the snow near the top of Mount Adams.

At first glance, it looks like a human body but upon further analysis, it seems to be the body of an alien or human-like type humanoid, moreover, the being is about 33-foot-tall.

Clearly visible: Head and big almond eyes, body, arms, fingers, legs, toes, with the being holding something in his left hand that looks like a cup.

If this really is the body of a giant alien or humanoid then what about the rumours of a secret UFO base inside the mountain?

You can check it by yourself here are the coordinates of the frozen body: 46°12’58.53″N

This video was shot during the ECETI event on June 30 showing the opening/alien hangar door near the top of Mount Adams.

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